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Fundamentals curriculum. As a result of Jane's sabbatical and a Dance Magazine article titled "Radically Somatic," dance professionals from the US and Europe contacted her regarding the Movement Fundamentals practices and paradigm. From this inquiry, the first Movement Fundamentals Coalescence evolved in July 2011. The MF curriculum proposes to develop dance artists who understand how to move while cultivating movement vocabulary and intention. This curriculum proposes agency for the dancer, challenging the evolution and expansion of ideals and ideologies held in traditional dance forms. The MF curriculum has been presented at national and international guest-artist residencies and conferences because of its radicalproposals for change in dance training. 


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Movement   Fundamentals:   Liberating  Prac-

tices for Dance Artistsis an experimental curriculum Jane has been developing for over 20 years. Her intent was to create a training paradigm for dance in life and art. In 2001, Luther  College  implemented the Movement 

Rog has been immersed for fourteen years and became certified in 2015. Living a life that questions heavily the dominant Western cultural norms around money, education, time, and meaning, Rog lives in eclectic variety, simple gratitude, firm inquiry, and loving observation. She graduated from New Mexico Academy of the Healing Arts in 2013, teaches Contact Improvisation in Santa Fe, performs with the dance collective Ground Series as well as other local and visiting artists, and has immersed herself in the study of Action Theatre with Ruth Zaporah, which has blossomed open her understanding of voice, face, and expression in dance artistry. She grows corn, carves spoons, makes clay pots and braintanned leather, all with the most amateur readiness to learn from these noble materials about her own movement, the earth’s movement, and how one moves within the other; noticing that the root of the word amateur means “done with love.” Believing in courtesy, love, and patience above all, Rog is grateful to all that allows her to inhabit this life.

“I want to create a fundamental and moving paradigm, which trains dancers as artists and empowers people to love and feel gratitude for their bodies.”

- Jane Hawley, MF Creator

Jane is an exceptional dancer/thinker/teacher. The Movement Fundamentals approach she has developed for training dancers from the inside out creates integrated, thoughtful humans in addition to amazing movers. Jane's gentle and supportive guidance allows students to find their individual movement style and unique voice. Jane also has the ability to inspire creativity and collaboration. The Movement Fundamentals Coalescence summer 2013 workshop was one of the most refreshing and restorative dance experiences I've had in years!

-Laura Donnelly, Assistant Professor of Dance at K-State School of Music, Theatre, and Dance

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Sophia Rog is a dance artist, massage therapist, and craftsperson currently living in Santa Fe, NM. She was born, raised, and returns often to Decorah, IA, where Jane developed the dance curriculum  Movement  Fundamentals, in  which 

Birte grew up in a town near Hannover, Germany. Engaging in her mother's work in the movement and education field ("Psychomotorik") aroused Birte's passion for dance. Birte is trained in style-

based hip-hop choreography and has performed in


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several competitions as a dancer and trainer. While studying Performance Studies in Hamburg, she came to Luther College for an internship with Jane and the MF curriculum. Birte wrote her master thesis on adopting MF to hip-hop dance training. She recently earned her certification as a primary teacher and currently lives in Hamburg, Germany.

Continuously increasing awareness and connectivity supports her aim to produce meaningful, compelling and authentic art work using head, heart, and body for investigation, experimentation, and reflection.