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This video short, based on the theme "A Waltz For You," is a collage of micro-compositions designed and performed by participants of the 2015 Movement Fundamentals Coalescence.

"[The 4 Phases practice] helped me tune into my body and take care of myself, exercise agency, give myself permission to do as I please, and build self-confidence and creativity in my movements."​​

-Avery Jamison,

Luther College '17

"Studying MF really changed the way I think, not only about myself and moving, but also moving in the world, a whole worldview."

-Michaela Bram, MF Coalescence participant

Luther College alumna Jennifer Schmidt ('15) discusses her experience with Movement Fundamentals at Luther.

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An interactive moving arts carnival conceived by Jane Hawley at Luther College in March 2016.

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Jane and Sophia Rog engage in the Movement Fundamentals Range and Efficiency warm-up.

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